11/12/12 Poetry “On This Day”

What a day, so filled with joy,

A promise made by a girl and boy. How crazy was this? How long did they wait?

Way to long as she had primed him with bait.


He was steadfast, intent on the prize

To be sure there would be no life-long surprise.

When the question was asked, she knew from the start.

That this would be a future with strong, loving heart.


In 1980, on September 6,

A vow would be made without any tricks.

Friends and family around in their grandeur galore,

Would wish them a life full of love; alone never more. 


And today, here they are in 2011, to announce continued love through worse or for better.

Bumps on the way, there surely would be,

Yet, here, on this day ”He’d still marry me”.


So they sit on their porch, wooden rockers in tow,

Ice cold lemonade in hand and

Growing corn in a row.


And the story goes, as they’re not yet near through.

Grandkids to come and their lives renew.

Wrinkly, bald and chubby they’ll be

With giggling babies they’ll bounce on their knee.




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