11/12/12 Poetry “Grandma Is Love”

 Sitting in my garden today,

Grandma close in spirit,

I felt her love so close to me

As if she spoke, I’d hear it.

My flowers, mom would say,

Remind her of her mother

And touch my soul with happy thoughts

That my flowers bloom as Grandma’s did

And hers were like no other.

I hardly knew Grandma in this lifetime

But, I know her well today.

As we spend many hours together

In the most unusual way.

She comes to me when least expected,

To fill my soul with grace.

A grace like this I never knew

On this, our earth school place.

And so, Grandma dear, I want you to know

How happy I am to share,

 My garden full of color

And know you see it from up there.

I love you Grandma


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