11/12/12 Poetry “Sisters”

So close to you, I have become

Beyond compare, no other has come.

A love like this,

Brings immeasurable bliss;

Impossible to be undone.

J.T. would sing and he would say,

That the secret to Life

Is to enjoy each day

With you it is endearing to heart,

As on EBay, we store it in our “Cart”

Your voice to hear on my voicemail

My joy, my smile, never to fail.

“Sisters” at heart, soul to soul.

Is pure Heaven, is pure gold.

Your family with which to me you share.

Make me feel and know they care.

What a gift you are to me.

Our friendship and love will always be.

So “Sisters” we will always stay,

For forever, not for a day.

I cannot speak so true enough

This poem, this song, not “off the cuff”.

And off this planet

It’s you’ll I know

Neighbors in Heaven

In the light and glow.

In Jesus’ name we’ll always praise

He gave us life; this not a phase

Glory will be as though the sea

Goes on and on through eternity.


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