11/14/12 Poetry “Oh No, Not Again!”




It’s 10pm, Oh no, not again

No Internet or T.V…

I could take a pee,

Or pick up a pen,

Or maybe read “Little Red Hen”


Ready for bed, but not yet to sleep

I look up and stare at the ceiling

And say, “Boo Hoo, Oh no, not again”,

Wish I could shake this odd feeling.


I could hum a song

And say a quick prayer

All this to help me to sleep,

But, then again, a tried and true trick,

I guess I’ll just have to count sheep!


And, so it goes, as it usually does,

I feel myself start to get drowsy.

And Thank God I used my writing again

As to rid of this dread,

And not to eat bread,

And run from this feeling of lousy!


Good Night, one and all,

And to God I will pray,

Blessed dreams and sweet kisses

Wish lots of good wishes

And look toward the new dawning day.





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