11/15/12 Poetry “Not Yet”

So much to say,
So much to do…
Your time, Mother dear,
Not yet near through.

So far, yet so near
We are in heart,
That this day today,
My journey will start.

Phone calls to be made
And bags to pack,
To you I will fly
And never look back.

Our family; such love
In our own way we show,
Never compared to others,
Uniqueness did grow.

So to you my dear family,
Together we’ll be.
No longer to wait,
Your faces I’ll see.

Not yet, dear mom,
For you to leave
This space here on earth,
Not yet to grieve.

You’re in our hearts;
Forever we’ll love.
Your words, we’ll remember;
Our gift from above.

Our time, so precious,
Every moment we get,
For not yet, sweet family,
Not yet, Not yet.

Today we said “Goodbye” to you
Spirit transformed, angel dust blew
Your life, your soul, begin anew.

We’ll fly to you, on that you can bet
But not yet, sweet family
Not yet, Not yet.


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