11/12/12 Poetry “Sisters”

So close to you, I have become

Beyond compare, no other has come.

A love like this,

Brings immeasurable bliss;

Impossible to be undone.

J.T. would sing and he would say,

That the secret to Life

Is to enjoy each day

With you it is endearing to heart,

As on EBay, we store it in our “Cart”

Your voice to hear on my voicemail

My joy, my smile, never to fail.

“Sisters” at heart, soul to soul.

Is pure Heaven, is pure gold.

Your family with which to me you share.

Make me feel and know they care.

What a gift you are to me.

Our friendship and love will always be.

So “Sisters” we will always stay,

For forever, not for a day.

I cannot speak so true enough

This poem, this song, not “off the cuff”.

And off this planet

It’s you’ll I know

Neighbors in Heaven

In the light and glow.

In Jesus’ name we’ll always praise

He gave us life; this not a phase

Glory will be as though the sea

Goes on and on through eternity.


11/12/12 Poetry “Grandma Is Love”

 Sitting in my garden today,

Grandma close in spirit,

I felt her love so close to me

As if she spoke, I’d hear it.

My flowers, mom would say,

Remind her of her mother

And touch my soul with happy thoughts

That my flowers bloom as Grandma’s did

And hers were like no other.

I hardly knew Grandma in this lifetime

But, I know her well today.

As we spend many hours together

In the most unusual way.

She comes to me when least expected,

To fill my soul with grace.

A grace like this I never knew

On this, our earth school place.

And so, Grandma dear, I want you to know

How happy I am to share,

 My garden full of color

And know you see it from up there.

I love you Grandma

11/12/12 Poetry “On This Day”

What a day, so filled with joy,

A promise made by a girl and boy. How crazy was this? How long did they wait?

Way to long as she had primed him with bait.


He was steadfast, intent on the prize

To be sure there would be no life-long surprise.

When the question was asked, she knew from the start.

That this would be a future with strong, loving heart.


In 1980, on September 6,

A vow would be made without any tricks.

Friends and family around in their grandeur galore,

Would wish them a life full of love; alone never more. 


And today, here they are in 2011, to announce continued love through worse or for better.

Bumps on the way, there surely would be,

Yet, here, on this day ”He’d still marry me”.


So they sit on their porch, wooden rockers in tow,

Ice cold lemonade in hand and

Growing corn in a row.


And the story goes, as they’re not yet near through.

Grandkids to come and their lives renew.

Wrinkly, bald and chubby they’ll be

With giggling babies they’ll bounce on their knee.



11/12/12 Poetry “My Lauren, My Gift”

It is time to celebrate the day you were made,

My Lauren, My Gift, she’s not one to trade.

This gift to you is one from the heart,

These symbols for you I knew right from the start.

The angel for you, so pure and sweet,

She’ll watch over and guide you and safe she will keep.

A note of music, too, for you,

For a voice that is clean and clear and so true.

A cross for your faith, so strong and steadfast,

To be held for a lifetime, a gift that will last.

A heart full of love to carry you through,

When times may be tough and you may be blue.

A sandollar to hold as you glide on the sand,

So you feel held tight in God’s healing hand.

A loving sign of peace so the world may be whole,

That you may feel in your heart and deep in your soul.

And last, but not least, a stone of light blue,

For the month of your birth, a memory to last all the year through.

So you see Lauren, dear, truly you are the gift,

The one that brings joy and gives my heart a great lift!

11/12/12 Poetry “Embrace The Day”


Sunny here in LA

Peace, calm with no delay

In the east, Sandy came

The perfect storm or so they say.

Waters rising, death, debris

Ships on shore, where they came to be.

Power lines lay, sparks fly

Dangers lurk, things gone awry.

But here in LA, the sun is high

The winds calm with a vacant blue sky

In the news we hear today,

“Enjoy your morning, embrace the day.”

Now I sit and watch TV,

A path of wreckage and despair, I see.

Anxiously waiting for daylight

As darkness all that lies in sight.

Hit most hard, the Jersey shore

Gone, erased as if battle torn

People wade thru water waist high

Pets displaced, rescue teams go by

But here in LA the sun is high

The winds calm with a vacant blue sky.

In the news we hear today,

“Enjoy your morning, embrace the day.”