12/13/12 Poetry “Meant To Be

Meant To Be

You and me were meant to be
Now you are our family

Sent by chance, loved by choice
The missing link–Gods work, of course

When youth was here two blessings were given
Sad to say no girls from Heaven

There was a plan from up above
One I had no thoughts nearly of

You came to me by way of birth
Your parents trusted us at first

At the time God called your mom to home
She gave me Mike to have and hold

You came later, a fate to be
And now a daughter you are to me

So much love and gratitude I feel
Loved and cared for, that’s the deal

Grateful for your mother’s love
You and Mike fit like a glove

It was to be four, not two
All because of Mike and you


11/12/12 Poetry “My Lauren, My Gift”

It is time to celebrate the day you were made,

My Lauren, My Gift, she’s not one to trade.

This gift to you is one from the heart,

These symbols for you I knew right from the start.

The angel for you, so pure and sweet,

She’ll watch over and guide you and safe she will keep.

A note of music, too, for you,

For a voice that is clean and clear and so true.

A cross for your faith, so strong and steadfast,

To be held for a lifetime, a gift that will last.

A heart full of love to carry you through,

When times may be tough and you may be blue.

A sandollar to hold as you glide on the sand,

So you feel held tight in God’s healing hand.

A loving sign of peace so the world may be whole,

That you may feel in your heart and deep in your soul.

And last, but not least, a stone of light blue,

For the month of your birth, a memory to last all the year through.

So you see Lauren, dear, truly you are the gift,

The one that brings joy and gives my heart a great lift!