12/13/12 Poetry “Meant To Be

Meant To Be

You and me were meant to be
Now you are our family

Sent by chance, loved by choice
The missing link–Gods work, of course

When youth was here two blessings were given
Sad to say no girls from Heaven

There was a plan from up above
One I had no thoughts nearly of

You came to me by way of birth
Your parents trusted us at first

At the time God called your mom to home
She gave me Mike to have and hold

You came later, a fate to be
And now a daughter you are to me

So much love and gratitude I feel
Loved and cared for, that’s the deal

Grateful for your mother’s love
You and Mike fit like a glove

It was to be four, not two
All because of Mike and you


11/15/12 Poetry “Not Yet”

So much to say,
So much to do…
Your time, Mother dear,
Not yet near through.

So far, yet so near
We are in heart,
That this day today,
My journey will start.

Phone calls to be made
And bags to pack,
To you I will fly
And never look back.

Our family; such love
In our own way we show,
Never compared to others,
Uniqueness did grow.

So to you my dear family,
Together we’ll be.
No longer to wait,
Your faces I’ll see.

Not yet, dear mom,
For you to leave
This space here on earth,
Not yet to grieve.

You’re in our hearts;
Forever we’ll love.
Your words, we’ll remember;
Our gift from above.

Our time, so precious,
Every moment we get,
For not yet, sweet family,
Not yet, Not yet.

Today we said “Goodbye” to you
Spirit transformed, angel dust blew
Your life, your soul, begin anew.

We’ll fly to you, on that you can bet
But not yet, sweet family
Not yet, Not yet.

11/14/12 Poetry “So Still”

In the silence, so still
Lying in wait, I do and will
For perfect love, my heart to fill

Here you are, my little one
Sent to me from God above
Pink and plump, the silence done
Sweet sounds and laughter, so much fun

Then, there too, here come the cries
Wild and frantic, capability denied
My doubts and fears become alive
Confidence, instinct gone awry

Peace and quiet soon return
Inadequacy of no concern
Giggles, coos, smiles insure
Happiness in heart affirm

As he grows and lessons learn
Make me better pages turn
My life journey no scars, no burns
Only joy no fears return

And so life goes for worse or better
Ups and downs go on forever
Life long-lived in proof and letter
Family love brings growth together

11/12/12 Poetry “Sisters”

So close to you, I have become

Beyond compare, no other has come.

A love like this,

Brings immeasurable bliss;

Impossible to be undone.

J.T. would sing and he would say,

That the secret to Life

Is to enjoy each day

With you it is endearing to heart,

As on EBay, we store it in our “Cart”

Your voice to hear on my voicemail

My joy, my smile, never to fail.

“Sisters” at heart, soul to soul.

Is pure Heaven, is pure gold.

Your family with which to me you share.

Make me feel and know they care.

What a gift you are to me.

Our friendship and love will always be.

So “Sisters” we will always stay,

For forever, not for a day.

I cannot speak so true enough

This poem, this song, not “off the cuff”.

And off this planet

It’s you’ll I know

Neighbors in Heaven

In the light and glow.

In Jesus’ name we’ll always praise

He gave us life; this not a phase

Glory will be as though the sea

Goes on and on through eternity.

11/12/12 Poetry “Grandma Is Love”

 Sitting in my garden today,

Grandma close in spirit,

I felt her love so close to me

As if she spoke, I’d hear it.

My flowers, mom would say,

Remind her of her mother

And touch my soul with happy thoughts

That my flowers bloom as Grandma’s did

And hers were like no other.

I hardly knew Grandma in this lifetime

But, I know her well today.

As we spend many hours together

In the most unusual way.

She comes to me when least expected,

To fill my soul with grace.

A grace like this I never knew

On this, our earth school place.

And so, Grandma dear, I want you to know

How happy I am to share,

 My garden full of color

And know you see it from up there.

I love you Grandma