11/14/12 Poetry “Paradise”

Woke up early. What did I see?
Blue sky, aqua waves staring at me.
Palm trees swaying side to side;
Lovely hula girls dance as if to glide.

Pictures and smiles; side-aching laughter
Memories to share for life ever after.
Big floppy hat, in the sand I stroll
This holiday for sure, not one to be droll.

Time well-spent, golf’s rolling hills
Poolside, a swim, with fresh island fish to smoke on the grill.
Ahhhh, Lahaina, the best place to shop
With t-shirts and leis and tikis on top.

Paradise I found, in this magical place.
That, you can tell by the grin on my face.
Our room with a “view” immeasurable to behold;
Maui, our heaven, its weight worth in gold.